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New showroom and studio now open in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, see contact page for details.

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Introducing an exciting new concept in contemporary art with a stunning range of sculptural glass canvases by artist Michael Goodrum. Using the ancient technique of glass fusing, he has created a vibrant alternative to more conventional forms of wall decoration, combining light, colour and texture.

undulate purple detail
coppice bronze detail

Individually hand-cut fragments of glass are carefully built up in layers on a clear base, before fusing them all together in the kiln at over 800 degrees Centigrade. Finely textured detail is often embedded into the underside of the piece to add depth and description, and elsewhere crushed and powdered glass is delicately scattered to give tonal hints and shading. The panel is then held in the kiln just long enough to fuse the fragments together, without them losing their individual contours. This process usually takes over 24 hours depending on the size of each panel, and only the more expensive specialist glass is used, ensuring compatibility, consistency and permanence of colour.The panel is then bonded to a mirrored base and framed or mounted in a number of different options, all of which come complete with easy to hang fittings.

Reflections through the glass and mirror bring the finished piece to life, sparkling like a jewel in the ever changing light, the contours and undulations inviting to the touch. Every panel is an original, individually signed and dated by the artist, and a truly unique focal point for any interior. Designs are available in a variety of styles and in a colour combination to compliment your decor. Please click on the relevant galleries for more details. Private commissions, trade and corporate enquiries are all welcomed. Panels are dispatched using a reliable, nationwide courier, securely packaged to guarantee safe delivery, and we can accept payment by credit card direct, ensuring peace of mind.

rivulet sky aqua